How many emails and Instagram posts do you see like this each day?

I know my Instagram feed constantly blows up with people sharing clips ranging from the Huberman podcast to what Joe Rogan might have said about a rare jungle mushroom for fat loss.

I think educating yourself about your own health is super important.


However, right now I think the average person is drowning in hours of content designed to convince them that the minutia matters so much more than it does. 


When I read a post about the advantages of blueberries over raspberries, and how only an idiot would choose raspberries,  I can’t help but stop and think how many people aren’t even close to consuming the minimum recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

Ask yourself this question…

“Am I not where I want to be because I need more KNOWLEDGE? Or because I’m not taking enough ACTION?”

We’re debating 7,500 steps vs 10,000 steps when the average person I meet averages 3,000.

You don’t need more information. You need accountability and action.

Guess what? 

Research shows that eating more whole foods is beneficial for your health and waistline.

Research has and will always indicate that you should back off on the alcohol and drink more water

We don’t need more research to understand that people with more muscle mass live longer and have better quality of life. We need more support around strength training!

We don’t need another miracle supplement. We need more sleep.

From now until the end of time you can guarantee the following will work…

  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Strength train 3x a week
  • Move your body (7500 steps a day)
  • Drink more water, work to reduce alcohol
  • Prioritize Sleep

Let’s focus on really nailing these 6 things before we start debating the benefits of micronized creatine, and cold water exposure for fat loss. 

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Keep Moving Forward,


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