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Get Lean

In this class you’ll use a combination of TRX, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, sled sprints, medicine balls, bikes, ski ergs, rowers and bodyweight exercises all put together for a great 60 minute fat-burning workout.

Get Strong

Get Strong classes are structured using big bang for your buck exercises, like squats, deadlifts, and presses that are scientifically proven to burn the most calories and build muscle. The group workouts are changed and progressed each week to keep you moving forward. Everyone goes at their own pace but in order to achieve results you must try to challenge yourself a little more each week.


day 1

Increased brain functions and boosted mood.

week 1

Improved energy and better health

month 1

Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass & overall fitness

month 3

See-it-in-the-mirror results

month 6

Compliments from friends/family & a healthier, more efficient heart

1 year

Increased life expectancy, better bone density and mental heath


With membership options starting at $199 per month, we have a fitness solution for every budget. If you’re interested in learning more about all our pricing options, click the button.

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