Lifespan vs. Healthspan

So often we read about the “Average Life Expectancy” of a certain population. All that this means, simply put, is how long the average person stays alive. Between 1950 and 2024 the average life expectancy has climbed from 68 years old to just over 79. (It took an ever so slight dip during COVID.)
But what does that added 11 years here on Earth look like to most people?

For many, it consists of shuffling off from one doctors appointment to the next. For others, it might be a life confined to their home due lack of mobility.

What’s the point?!

Healthspan is a term that is gaining popularity, which describes the amount of time we can remain free of disease and living life on our own terms.


Think of it this way: When you’re 60, you want to be able to do what 40-year-olds can and when you’re 80 you want to be able to do what 60-year-olds can.

I don’t want to be 80 for the sake of saying I made it to 80. I want to be 80 because that means Macie will be 41 and God willing will have kids of her own. To borrow the goal from Coach Dan John, I want to be 80 and dance at my Grandchild’s wedding!

Our current medical system has done a phenomenal job at keeping you alive. But they have failed at keeping you “healthy” and living those years on your terms.

What’s more saddening is that the leading cause of death,  cardiovascular disease, is largely if not completely preventable.



The Plan:


Eat lean proteins, fruits and vegetables (fiber),  & healthy fats.
Keep caloric intake under control.
Get as close to 10,000 steps a day as you can.
Challenge your cardiovascular system with a mix of Zone 2 Cardio and Interval Training.
Lift weights 3x a week and try to progressively add weight or reps. Work to increase ROM and stability.
Find community. Play. Learn to manage stress.

I pray God blesses me with the ability to remain free from the terrible diseases we are unfortunate to have to deal with. I can’t control that. But everything else above I can… and so can you.


Keep Moving Forward,


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