“Should I be doing MORE cardio?”

Here’s a common question I get asked that came up again this week:

“Hey Brian, should I be doing more cardio?”

For the most part, when I’m asked this question, it’s from someone who is trying to lose body fat and has perhaps hit a bit of a standstill.

So the REAL question here is,

“My progress is stuck, would adding more cardio help?”

The first thing to do when progress is stalled is to audit the key components that contribute to that goal.

Are you following a nutrition program with 90% compliance? 

One that focuses on increasing protein, fruits, and vegetables while reducing excess use of processed carbohydrates and alcohol? If not, dedicate time to food prep over additional cardio.

Are you strength training three times per week with REAL FOCUS on getting stronger by progressively increasing the weight you use? 

If not, dedicate time to another strength workout over cardio.

Are you getting between 7500-10k steps per day? 

If not, make sure you’re hitting this daily first before adding cardio. What most people don’t realize is that by adding additional workouts, your general movement throughout the week will slow down to try and balance out. Get to walking!

If all those things are in place for 2 weeks and you haven't seen a change in body composition, adding some cardio would be a good option.

With “Fat loss” being the goal, increasing the amount of Zone 2 training  to 120-180 minutes per week would be a great goal!

Let me know what questions YOU would like to see answered.


Keep Moving Forward,


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