“After the birth of my second child I needed to lose the baby weight and get back in shape. I enlisted the help of both Brian & Rainer. Their prescription of strength training combined with high intensity cardio and interval training was just what I needed! In a matter of months my body fat percentage went from 28% to 15%, practically cutting it in half. As my goals change, so do my workouts. Brian & Rainer both constantly find ways to challenge me, ensuring that I am engaged during every workout. Their knowledge and passion for what they do keeps me excited for what’s next. I highly recommend!!!” – Dori Kershner

“Usually you walk into a gym feeling uncomfortable and out of place but Brian and Rainer make you feel right at home. I have never had self-confidence, but since training with these guys at I have gained so much confidence in myself. Not only are these two men amazing trainers who work with your individual needs, they give you key nutrition tips and most importantly a really fun time. I have tried many gyms and trainers, but Brian and Rainer are amazing people and are really great at what they do simply because they care. They have both individually changed my life by making me more confident in myself, becoming a healthier individual, and a more positive person. I can’t thank them enough for all the good they have brought into my life!” – Stephanie Velardi

“When Coach Brian Bott told me he was opening Aspire Fitness in Colts Neck, I could not have been happier or more excited to join. I’ve known and worked with Brian since 2009, and I have yet to meet a coach who matches Brian’s complete skill and knowledge set. That is not a knock against anyone who has coached me – some of them are among the best in the industry. But Brian Bott is THE best, hands down. One of the key differences in Brian’s approach is individualization. There is not a “one size fits all” approach. Brian and his partner Rainer know each of their athletes and they program workouts and nutrition plans that are unique to the individual. They recognize that their clients are far more likely to reach and exceed their goal if they enjoy the journey along the way.” – Adam Geller 

I highly recommend Brian and Rainer as athletic coaches. After 25 years of consistent training, I thought i knew it all. Over the last year plus, training with them has been a transformative experience for both my mind and my body. I’ve made significant gains in functional strength, mobility, athletic form, shape, and learned kettle bells and incorporated kettle bell training as a core aspect of my training. But most importantly, our work outs have been fun! We are now addressing the strength and mobility imbalances in my body, which is frustrating but worth it and highlights to me a value that is not often found in coaches, which is adapting the workouts to not only the human goals but the body’s (current) limitations. We’ve worked nicely around an injury, too. Knowledgeable, dependable, well-connected, nimble, and practice what they preach. For Brian and Rainer, fitness is a lifestyle and there is no one-size fits all approach to their coaching, which has been a big benefit to me and for which I’m grateful. – Lynn Tellefsen

I never considered myself a gym person. The few times I did try a gym were completely stressful and I spent my time wandering around intimidated by everyone and everything. I felt clumsy on the machines and I didn’t know what they did or what parts of my body to work out. Once I started training with Brian, all that fear and uncertainty faded away. I really benefited from the individual program designed for me and saw results immediately. These guys are so helpful and encouraging. They not only teach you how to work-out but they educate their clients on proper nutrition as well. I started with them a size 12 and worked down to a size 6! More importantly I am living a healthier lifestyle and am stronger than ever. I feel amazing and confident and owe it all to Brian! – Jessica Lewis

Rainer and Brian made a huge difference in my physical ability, nutritional awareness and overall stamina, what started out  as “a studio trail” quickly morphed into awareness that I felt better, could do more, had better balance and more energy, I felt good.

Rainer and the team are knowledgeable, encouraging and can introduce a number of ways to improve your overall condition and flexibility. It’s more important to them ~ that you do an exercise correctly in posture and form, while breathing,  then “how many did you do”?  You’ll find your time spent interesting and varied. You’ll enjoy the journey if you give it a try.

Good Luck & Feel Better – Mike Sullivan Sr.