Smart Snacking

When discussing nutrition, we constantly hear requests for healthy and easy “snack” ideas.  Many of us are constantly on-the-go heading from one place to the next all day OR stuck in an office with limited healthy options available for purchase.  How do we know we are making the “right” choices when choosing snacks?

Here are some initial guidelines we’ve come up with:

  1.  Aim for a snack that contains approximately 150-300 calories
  2. Look for something that has about 10-25g protein
  3. Ensure your choice has less than 10g fat
  4. Include a fruit or a vegetable

Following these guidelines should help you select something that will satisfy your hunger, keep you full until you are ready to eat your next meal AND make sure you don’t steer away from your fat loss goals.

Some ideas?  While there are a ton of possibilities, here are a few that work for us!

  • Greek yogurt/Almonds/berries
  • Turkey Slices/Lettuce/Avocad0
  • Protein Bar/Apple or Grapes
  • Scoop of Protein Powder/Almond Milk/Carrot Sticks

Worried about keeping things ready and fresh?  Having these items in your house at the ready will make packing snacks simple and mindless!

  • Shaker Cup
  • Insulated Cooler Bag
  • Re-freezable Ice-Packs (keep several in the freezer so you always have one ready)
  • Containers in various sizes

Following these guidelines will ensure you have all your healthy options ready to go!  Let us know what ideas you come up with and share them!

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