New Year’s Resolution Solution – Aspire Fitness 21 Day Challenge

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

  • Lose bodyfat?

  • Get stronger and add lean muscle?

  • Just want to feel good about yourself again?

Ask yourself why you’ve failed in the past?

  • Not sure what to do in the gym?

  • Lacked motivation and accountability?

  • Didn’t have a plan on what or how much to eat?


We’ve set out to solve all these problems and are excited to announce our newest program.

Aspire Fitness New Year’s Resolution Solution – 21 Day Challenge

During these three weeks you will get all of the help and support you will need to succeed in 2016. Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Before and After Body Composition Testing (we use the InBody570 a highly accurate non-invasive machine to make sure you are heading in the right direction)
  • Unlimited Gym Access- We are open from 5am to 9pm and you can come get your work in at anytime!
  • Customized Strength/Cardio Plan- This is not a one size fits all cookie cutter plan. We meet with each participant ahead of time for a movement screening, to discuss previous injuries and concerns, and design a plan that is right for them.
  • 5 Training Sessions- These sessions are semi-private with one of our coaches who will take you through your program and exercise we use in our classes.
  • Unlimited Group Classes- Our metabolic conditioning classes are important component  to shedding bodyfat and increasing your metabolism.
  • Nutrition Guidelines-  You’ll know exactly what to eat and what not to eat to get your body shedding fat.


To make the program even better we’ve partnered with The Healthy Palate. They create delicious top quality meals for our clients that are gluten and dairy free and use locally sourced produce. I’ve personally had some of their meals and couldn’t recommend them enough. If you want to eat great but still enjoy great tasting food check them out! The owner, Jen, will be doing in house cooking lessons during the challenge  and also offers a great meal prep and delivery service.

New Year's Resolution Solution 21 Day Challenge



Program Details

Important Dates:  

1. Wednesday, January 13th-  Free informational session about the challenge.  The owners of Aspire Fitness, Brian and Rainer will be presenting on what it takes to succeed during the 21 day training program. Jennifer Asfar, owner and chef at The Healthy Palate will be presenting what her 21 day nutrition cleanse and clean eating is all about.

1 Monday, January 18th-  Last day to sign up for the challenge!  We will do your initial body fat measurements this week as well as get you acclimated to the gym. We like to use this week to get everything set up.

2. Wednesday, January 20th-   Meeting at 7pm at Aspire Fitness for those that signed up for the 21 Day Healthy Palate Nutrition Cleanse.  This night you’ll receive your packets with recipes and nutrition plan.

3. Monday, Jan 25th-  Official start of the 21 days. By now you’ll have had a session with one of our coaches getting you acclimated to the gym as well as some of the exercises. You’ll have had you initial body composition test done and had time to do the food shopping from the list you’ve been given as well.

4. Saturday, Feb 13th-  Last day to do your final weigh in and end of the program!



21 Day Training and Entry –   Nonmember- $97     Members-  $47 (Free if you sign up a friend!)

21 Day Healthy Palate Cleanse-  $75

Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female participant! 


Register for the free meeting on January 13th now!



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