Unlike most traditional gyms, when you look in Aspire Fitness you won’t see rows upon rows of traditional boring cardio equipment. Instead we offer a high intensity group workout lead by one of our instructors specifically designed to increase metabolism and deliver the cardiovascular training you are looking for.

The research is clear. Interval training which is short periods of maximal effort followed by a recovery period is the superior means of exercise when it comes to burning fat.  We take this concept to the next level by using a variety of training tools and exercises which allows for maximal effort and maximal results.

In this class you’ll use a combination of TRX, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, sled sprints, medicine ball, and bodyweight exercises all put together for a great 60 minute fat-burning workout.

Along with completing your strength workouts 1-3x per week you should include metabolic classes 1-3x per week as well.

New to class? Don’t worry a coach is always available to help regress any exercises you may need to work up to. We are here to help!