The single most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals is to be following a program that is specifically designed for you and having a coach guide you along the way.

There are lots of great programs out there. However, the best a general program can be is too hard for those new to fitness and not challenging enough for the lifetime gym enthusiast.

A general program also cannot take into account a person’s injury history or lack of mobility that may prevent them from completing a certain exercise safely and effectively.

Both our (Small Group Training membership) and (Personal Training membership) include customized personal training. After your complete your (Strategy Session), the results of your movement screening along with your goals and training history will be given to our Program Design Team.  Our team will then develop a program custom fit to you and your goals to make sure you are not only being challenged appropriately, but using exercises and movements that are appropriate for how you move.

You will then have scheduled sessions with one of our coaches to take you through your program so that you are know exactly what you should be doing.  Which exercises, how much weight, how many sets and reps is all done for you. All you have to do is show up and put in your best effort!

After about 4-6 weeks depending upon how often you are training and the phase you are in your program will be updated. This update is important to avoid a plateau and to make sure we continue to challenge you appropriately.

Both our Small Group Training and Personal Training memberships also include all of our classes so we would invite you to jump in to our Metabolic classes as well for your cardio/ conditioning work to balance out your program as well.

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