Recipe Rebuild: Pancakes Done Grain Free and Healthy!

We all struggle with finding a breakfast that is healthy, balanced & satisfying. Our suggestion? Pancakes! But not just any pancakes. These grain-free, protein-infused pancakes are the perfect breakfast! Let us know how you like them!

Recipe (makes 2 large pancakes):
100g very ripe plantain (about 1/2 of one med sized plantain)
2/3 cup egg white
1/2 scoop whey protein (plant-based protein may be substituted)
14g coconut flour (approx 1 heaping Tbsp)

Optional Ingredients:
Vanilla extract (approx.. ½ tsp)
Cinnamon (I use 1 tsp)
Truvia or another calorie-free sweetener

Slice the plantains into small slices (approx. ¼” thick) and place in blender cup. Add in egg whites, protein powder, coconut flour and other optional ingredients and run through blender until smooth.

Heat a non-stick or oiled wok pan/skillet over medium heat. Pour half the mixture onto skillet and let sit for about 3 minutes until bubbles form on top and cake appears formed. Flip with spatula and cook for an equal amount of time. Repeat with the rest of the mixture. Serving suggestion: Spread a teaspoon of almond butter on each cake and enjoy! Cakes may be made ahead of time and wrapped in foil for freezing. They also make a great post-workout snack!

A few notes:

  • Make sure to choose very ripe plantains, as they have the optimal texture and flavor (should look yellow and brown, NOT green)
  • When placing items in your blender, be sure to place coconut flour on top or in middle of ingredients. If you put it in first, it will settle on the bottom of the blender and won’t mix in with the other ingredients.
  • Mix batter immediately before using. Letting the coconut flour sit once mixed can thicken the batter beyond a desired texture.


ingredient amount calories protein fat carbs
Plantains 100g 122 1 0 32
Egg Whites 2/3 Cup 80 19 0 0
Whey Protein 1/2 scoop 57 13.5 0 0.5
Coconut Flour 14g 60 2 2 8
Total Per Recipe 319 35.5 2 40.5

Vacation Weight Gain

5 Strategies to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

Vacation Weight Gain 101.

Summer is here and for a lot of you that means vacation time. You’ve worked hard for the last several months on your training and nutrition, shed a few extra unwanted pounds are ready to hit the beach. But now comes the hard part, how to avoid gaining weight on vacation.

If you are like most vacationers you know it is easy to put on three to five pounds while on vacation and then you are right back to where you started.

This can lead to feeling of frustration and failure that spins into an unhealthy cycle of overdieting and overeating.

With a few simple strategies you can not only show off all your hard work in the gym but maintain it as well.


Strategy #1:  Pack workout clothes and plan to workout each day.

This might seem like and overly obvious strategy but I’m always amazed at the amount of people that simply forget to pack workout clothes.

As far as workout goes, vacations are NOT the time to be trying to set PR’s and having the best workout of your life.

I tell my clients to simply go in with the goal of moving and breaking a sweat.  Sticking to a workout plan will help keep fitness on the brain,  stave off any bloat from the higher sodium meals you might be consuming, and also keep or maintain your insulin sensitivity to high carbohydrate meals.

Get creative and keep the goal to just be moving the entire time.  If you are at a beach resort, pick a distance on the beach and run some intervals and mix up some pushups and air squats at the end of each “sprint”.  If you are confined to a hotel most gyms will have a treadmill where you could do a circuit that looks something like this.

Treadmill Sprint: 30seconds

Pushups: 15-20 reps

Treadmill Sprint :  30 seconds

Machine  or DB Row:  15-20 reps

Treadmill Sprint: 30 seconds

Plank:  30-60 seconds

There are infinite combinations of the above that will get you moving in all directions and sweating.

Keep the principles in mind.   Push something, Pull something, Do something for the legs and some conditioning. You’ll be way ahead of most others in the gym with this simple strategy.


Strategy # 2 : Plan Your Indulgences 1x a Day.

Most people get way off track when they let one free meal turn into two, which turns into three, which turns into a full cheat day or week even!

I stress to clients to pick one meal a day that you’d like to enjoy guilt free.

If one morning you are craving cream cheese stuffed French Toast, go for it and have it.

If you are going out to a nice restaurant one night, go ahead and have a meal that you might not normally enjoy.

The key is that all the other meals stay compliant to your regular healthy eating plan.

For example if you are going out to eat a big dinner that night plan your other meals accordingly.

For breakfast it should be pretty easy to find some fruit and eggs to keep things simple.

When grabbing lunch out be sure to ask for grilled or broiled fish and some veggies to keep things simple.

It sounds restrictive, but I promise that you will enjoy your meal out, whichever one you just much more having stayed on track the rest of the day.

As an action step, pack some bars and protein shakes in your bag. While I’m not a big fan of Quest Bars and things of that nature as a daily strategy, in these situation they can help curb cravings in between meals and keep you feeling full so you don’t overdo it at your meals.


Strategy #3 : Eliminate Mindless Drinking

I’m as big a fan as any of having some drinks on the beach or out with friends. However, regardless of whether at home or on vacation you need to get rid of all the inbetween.

As described above try to pick your battles wisely. There’s no reason for two mimosas at breakfast, 2 Mai Thai’s on the beach, followed by 4 glasses of wine at dinner.

Aside from the extra calories the alcohol can wreak havoc on our metabolism and insulin sensitivity, making it even easier for your body to store calories from your meals as bodyfat.

Keep your drinks to events or meals , not because you are bored with nothing else to do!


Strategy #4 : Keep the Goal the Goal, and Set Some New Ones.

If you’ve heard me speak before you know the above quote from Dan John is one that has guided my thinking.

In this context I mean to keep in mind that you are not looking to make progress while on vacation. Your goal while on vacation is to simply come out no worse than you went in.

Vacations are a time for a mental and physical break. Use it to recharge and refocus your efforts.

Don’t ruin your vacation by checking your weight each morning. SOME weight gain is to be expected. When you start to eat some higher carbohydrate and sodium meals it is normal to retain some water so watching the scale go up with be misdirected frustration.

The goal is to enjoy some time off and time with family and/or friends.  Keep it that way by not obsessing over every detail of your food.

One strategy I’ve found to be extremely powerful is to use some free time on your vacation to make a new goal. The act of sitting down and creating a goal can be extremely powerful. Most likely you’ll be motivated by the thought of this new goal and it will help keep you on track for the next few days.

If you need help goal setting, you can get help here.

Stategy #5:  Have a Plan for when You Return.

Out of all the strategies listed, this is by far the most important. We are all human and we all overdo it every once in awhile. What separates those who have success, whether it is in business or fat loss is how fast you can rebound and get back to plan. I’ve found most people aren’t just gaining weight on vacation, but also from the habits that carry on afterward.

The most common thing I hear from those returning from vacation is how it took another week or two to get going again because they had nothing in the house. This leads to ordering take out and continued bad choices.

So instead, plan ahead.

Make a few compliant meals ahead of time and freeze them so that when you get home all you have to do is thaw them out and you are good to go. This will buy you some time and even if the rest of the family wants to just order pizza, you have an alternative that will help you get back on track in the direction of your goals.

Gaining weight on vacation is easy, but so is avoiding it.  Have a plan and execute, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Until next time…

Keep moving forward!



3 Reasons You Lost Your Motivation…

We’ve all been there.  For the last few weeks you’ve been crushing it at the gym and doing great with your nutrition.  You feel like you are really starting to make some progress and can’t wait until your next session or chance to properly prep your meals. Then out of nowhere, it’s gone. Maybe you missed one workout that got your schedule out of whack and you couldn’t right the ship.  Maybe one of the kids was sick and you couldn’t get out to the store in time to do your food prep and it really set you back.  No matter what the cause, we’ve all found ourselves at one point in time lacking the motivation to do the things we need to be doing to succeed.  A few members asked me recently about this so I tried to come up with some common things I’ve seen when people come to me  “lacking motivation”. Here are the top 3 reasons I see people fall off.

1. You don’t know where you want to go…

A map is only useful when you have a destination.

To me, the above quote says it all. If you don’t know what you want or what you are training for, then it really doesn’t matter what you do.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with training for training’s sake I do believe it can leave to frustration and lack of motivation.

Without a goal it becomes very easy to let thoughts like “It’s just one workout”  or  “I ate pretty good this week, it’s ok to have this” to creep in and take over.

Before you know it after your routine has had one slip up you are telling yourself you just don’t feel like doing it anymore.

We have clients with all different goals. Some want to do their first powerlifting meet, some are working to losing the 10lbs they never could get off, and others just want to throw weights around in a friendly and encouraging environment three times per week.  The important thing isn’t WHAT their goal it’s that they have one.

So if you are in a rut, try setting a new goal that takes you out of your comfort zone a little.  Women, maybe you can set a goal of getting you first unassisted chin-up and have a coach write a program for you to follow.  For all you guys that love lifting but hate cardio, sign yourself up for a 5k with that crazy friend we all have that loves to run.  This will give you some extra accountability to stay on track.


2.You’re grading yourself with the wrong tests…


I see this fairly often with clients and friends and  with their training. Having done both contests I can tell you from experience that no one asks you how much you bench at a bodybuilding show and no one cares what you look like at a powerlifting meet.

The same is true for you and your goals. If you make a decision that you’d really like to train for your first marathon, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice in continuing to test your bench press and wondering why it is going down and your body fat percentage is creeping up slightly. Most people then quit their original goal of the marathon by saying things like “I decided I really wanted to focus on the bench instead.”  or “ah I decided it wasn’t for me”.  This cycle continues and you realize you never once stuck with something and saw it to the end.

An extremely well respected coach Dan John has been a tremendous inspiration to me as a coach and one of his best lines is… “Keep the goal the goal…”

Such a simple statement can really simplify a lot of things. You should only be grading yourself on things that directly relate the your progress. Don’t get distracted or discouraged if some other aspect of your fitness isn’t improving or even slightly declining. Once you accomplish the goal there’s always time to go work on another one!  But one at a time!

3. You never started with “Why”


If you haven’t read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek I can’t recommend it enough. As you can imagine the main point in this book is to truly discover and ask WHY are doing something. Examples include Apple deciding not to set out as a computer company, but to “change the technology world” and how this allowed it to range into markets such as the iPod and succeed where traditional computer companies like Dell failed.

When you sit down to write out a goal, be sure that you can answer this question for yourself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your answer isn’t good enough either. Wanting to lose 10lbs simply to look and feel better in a bikini is not self centered or narcissistic  if it is what will make YOU feel better.  Hang that bikini up in your closet as a reminder every day if you need to.

No one can define the “why” for you but you, so take the extra time and try to figure out just exactly why it is that this goal came up and why it’s important to you.

Once you have your “Why” nailed down, it becomes very easy to answer the defeating questions of “what the heck am I doing this for?” that WILL arise.

You might sit down and realize that after some though that this goal really doesn’t mean anything to you at all and you’d be better off trying something else!  But try and do this work on the front end and save yourself the wasted effort of quitting later!

The 30 second version.

  1. Clearly define a goal
  2. Keep the goal the goal
  3. Understand “WHY” this goal is important to you.
  4. Crush the goal.


As always, leave a comment good or bad. All feedback is appreciated!

Happy Pancake Day !

Recipe Rebuild #2: National Pancake Day!

Happy National Pancake Day!

Are you wondering how as gym owners we can healthfully promote Pancake day?  Before you drown your sorrows in your black coffee, turkey bacon and egg whites, read on.  We’ve got a great recipe that allows you to enjoy this guilty pleasure while still consuming a healthy, balanced meal.  All you need are the following ingredients:
1/3 cup quick cooking oats
1/3 cup egg whites (about 3 large egg whites)
1/3 cup cottage cheese or 1/4 cup greek yogurt

Optional add-ins (use any or all):
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp soaked chia seeds
1 Tbsp ground flax seed
1/4 cup mashed banana or berries

Take these items and place in a good blender.  mix well on high speed and let stand for about 5-10 minutes.  This makes your “batter”.  While they are standing spray a nonstick pan with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.  Take the batter and pan fry as you would any normal pancake.  Recipe will make one large pancake or 3 small ones.  Top with fruit, a dollop of peanut butter or yogurt.  Enjoy!




Recipe Rebuild #1: Shrimp Fried Rice…Made Healthy!

We know how hard you all work.  You’ve cleaned up your diet and are eating healthy but after weeks of the same foods you are likely getting bored.  Starting today, we will provide you one new recipe each week to fold into your food prep regimen.  We will keep the recipes easy, with simple items that are likely already on your shopping lists! We decided to start with a fan favorite, Shrimp Fried Rice!

We hope you enjoy cooking up these delicious dishes, many of which are tried and true in our own kitchens!
Here’s a great post-workout meal that is super easy to make!  This balanced meal takes items that are already a part of your “clean eating” plan and helps you mix it up a bit.  Best of all it takes only a few minutes to make!  You might already have these items cooked in your fridge if you are food-prepping!

Shrimp Fried Rice… Done Healthy!

shrimp fried rice

1 T Sesame Oil
one egg or 2-3 egg whites,
2 T Tamari or Gluten Free Soy Sauce (or more to taste)
Drizzle of Agave nectar
1/2 Cup Cooked Brown Rice (use more depending on your macros)
1 Cup steamed broccoli
5 oz cooked shrimpHeat Oil in Sautee pan until hot.  crack egg in pan and stir fry egg until cooked about 1/2 way.  Toss in rice, broccoli and shrimp and Tamari and stir to combine.  once heated through, drizzle with Agave and serve!

Note: To make this a great ANYTIME meal simply replace the rice with some finely chopped cauliflower and now you have a great low-carb alternative as well!
Give it a shot and let us know what you think. Take a pic and throw it up on Facebook to let us know how it went.
Hope you enjoy !

Coaching Fat Loss and General Fitness Clients – A Counter Rant

I decided to sit down and write this after I was sent a “newsletter” from another fitness coach which left me at a loss for words.  The newsletter began with letting you know that  “if you think this is about you, than it is”  The next sentence really struck me. The main intro was to put everyone on alert that they’ve noticed  some of their members had maybe been ignoring or neglecting their nutrition and workouts.

So at this point I’m reading along thinking, “Great! They noticed people are having a hard time with nutrition. Maybe there are going to be some great recipes or an event coming up to get them going again.”

Instead the next sentence read  “we will not allow you to continue to ignore it and say that you are a member of our gym.”  “Do what we say and succeed, or don’t and fail”  “we take pride in what we do and walk our talk every day.”

This is what immediately came to mind…



I see this a lot in the fitness industry and feel  it is one of  the reasons that there is still such a huge barrier to entry. Despite fitness being and multi-BILLION dollar industry, obesity rates continue to climb year after year.  Fitness is quite possibly one of the only sectors that can continue to grow as it’s performance indicators are going down.

Point 1: “Do what we say and succeed or don’t and fail.”

I’ve worked with plenty of clients in my time as a coach and can tell you that no one plan or strategy has ever been the same. There are plenty of methods you can use to get the results you are looking for. Coaching is about bringing out the best out in each of your players or members in our case. Not every basketball player has the skills of Steph Curry and not every member is ready to be bringing their meals to work in little tupperware containers, measuring their egg whites, and hitting the gym 6x per week. To coach a junior high basketball player the same way you would Steph Curry would be ridiculous. The novice player needs to learn the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting, quite possibly the rules of the game even.  If you were to start him with  Steph’s warmup routine you are setting them up for failure, frustration, and possibly turning them off to a game they might have otherwise grew to enjoy.

Don't start here!

The same idea goes for nutrition coaching. Giving someone who has never stepped foot in a gym or never followed a nutrition plan before the goal of coming in 6x per week and exact macronutrients to follow is a recipe for failure.  Let me be clear that it doesn’t mean that the plan they received wouldn’t work. It is true that if they followed it precisely and survived the given time period they would have phenomenal results.

The first step with that person might be getting them to eat a healthy lean protein and some fruit  for breakfast.  While that might seem like a really small step, if that person was skipping breakfast 50% of the time and eating microwaved pancakes the other 50% of the time, it could have a huge impact on how they feel and encourage them to keep moving forward. This person might not even own gym clothes and hasn’t worked out in years so maybe for them 2-3 full body strength training workouts are a great start.

Creating a great, but very difficult plan to follow and celebrating the success is the same as rolling out the balls at gym class and hoping Steph Curry is in your class. When they succeed you claim all the glory and turn to shame the others in class that couldn’t “keep up with your program”

Coach don’t preach.

Point # 2  “We walk our talk everyday and take pride in what we do”

That’s fantastic and I think that is very important. As fitness coaches I do believe we should be a source of inspiration for our clients.  However as a coach it is important to keep my own self interests and habits separate from that of my clients. I love powerlifting and trying to get as strong as I can in big movements like the squat, bench, deadlift, and clean.  However it is important that I don’t push my own likes on my clients.  I need to choose exercises that first and foremost are safe for my client to perform.  Secondarily to that I want to include exercises that will deliver the best results for their specific goal AND the client finds enjoyable.  How miserable would every session be if we insisted on them doing deadlifts and just the mere thought of them made them cringe.  The client might hate deadlifting but LOVES doing kettle bell swings. So why not create a great program that includes a good volume of swings and delivers the results he/she is paying you for.  You can have pride in yourself and your own work ethic and dedication and still have empathy for where you client might be at this point in their life.

So before you are so quick to judge someone on where they are in their life with their training and nutrition, think about some of the things that might not come so easily for you in your life. Lots of our clients are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, own million dollar practices and companies. To them, building that career and life for themselves was easy.  They could just as soon build another million dollar company as easy as it might be for me to lose 15 pounds. Their hard is our easy and vice versa. The sooner we can understand that the better.  It’d be impossible for me to  look at one of our members who is a new mother of 3 and tell them “I know how you feel” or to just “suck it up and get it done.”  I can however sit down with them and help them create a strategy that will get them moving in the right direction.

Why someone elses struggles reflects your own pride in what you do is silly to me.


Point 3: “We will not allow you to say you train with us.”

Had it not been for this statement I’m not sure I would have even responded.  As a professional I believe that once you accept someone’s money you are entering into an agreement to provide them with the best level of service you can for their own safety and needs.  To me it is no different if you are a realtor or a personal trainer. The agreement is the same.  If someone is going to refer us to a friend of theirs we would assume it would be because they were happy with the service or results they were receiving, not because they believe they are a walking billboard of what “fitness” looks like.  If someone is not ready to start following a nutrition program just yet that’s fine. We obviously inform them of the benefits of getting coached on it, but maybe for them getting to the gym 3x per week is the first goal they need to master.  Once coming to the gym 3x per week becomes habit maybe then and ONLY then will they have a chance at starting to address their nutrition.  So in this scenario you may have a raving fan who can’t wait to tell the world that although they might not have lost a ton of weight yet, they accomplished their goal of moving better and feeling stronger.  But because they don’t fit YOUR definition of success you threaten to “not allow them to say they train with X”  Wow…   At Aspire we have members from all different levels of the spectrum.  Former figure competitors  train along side members who couldn’t tell you the difference between a carb or protein.  A member with a new goal of doing her first bikini competition trains along side a 72year old man who’s only goal is to touch his toes.  State ranked wrestlers train in the same room as their mom who might be doing all she can for her son to make every commitment he has to be the best and can right now only make 2 workouts a week.

Aspire members!
We love when our members spread the word of where they train!


As a coach, if you are making changes and making positive steps in the right direction I feel that I am doing my job.  Everyone has different goals and their own pace they might be comfortable reaching them. Being a great coach is about providing the knowledge and inspiration to keep that person moving forward  in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.  Make no mistakes about it, I’m not saying every gym should be Planet Fitness where deadlifting and making some noise is outlawed. We train hard and push our clients to be the best they can be for the 60 minutes they are with us each day. I just think we could all be a little bit better at keeping our goals our goals and helping shine the light on helping our members reach theirs.

And to echo the beginning of the newsletter in mention… if you think this is about you… it is.

Please don’t hesitate to comment on Facebook and let us know what you think. If you think I’m way off base let me have it, if you agree, let us know too!

Until next time.

Keep moving forward!


New Year’s Resolution Solution – Aspire Fitness 21 Day Challenge

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?

  • Lose bodyfat?

  • Get stronger and add lean muscle?

  • Just want to feel good about yourself again?

Ask yourself why you’ve failed in the past?

  • Not sure what to do in the gym?

  • Lacked motivation and accountability?

  • Didn’t have a plan on what or how much to eat?


We’ve set out to solve all these problems and are excited to announce our newest program.

Aspire Fitness New Year’s Resolution Solution – 21 Day Challenge

During these three weeks you will get all of the help and support you will need to succeed in 2016. Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Before and After Body Composition Testing (we use the InBody570 a highly accurate non-invasive machine to make sure you are heading in the right direction)
  • Unlimited Gym Access- We are open from 5am to 9pm and you can come get your work in at anytime!
  • Customized Strength/Cardio Plan- This is not a one size fits all cookie cutter plan. We meet with each participant ahead of time for a movement screening, to discuss previous injuries and concerns, and design a plan that is right for them.
  • 5 Training Sessions- These sessions are semi-private with one of our coaches who will take you through your program and exercise we use in our classes.
  • Unlimited Group Classes- Our metabolic conditioning classes are important component  to shedding bodyfat and increasing your metabolism.
  • Nutrition Guidelines-  You’ll know exactly what to eat and what not to eat to get your body shedding fat.


To make the program even better we’ve partnered with The Healthy Palate. They create delicious top quality meals for our clients that are gluten and dairy free and use locally sourced produce. I’ve personally had some of their meals and couldn’t recommend them enough. If you want to eat great but still enjoy great tasting food check them out! The owner, Jen, will be doing in house cooking lessons during the challenge  and also offers a great meal prep and delivery service.

New Year's Resolution Solution 21 Day Challenge



Program Details

Important Dates:  

1. Wednesday, January 13th-  Free informational session about the challenge.  The owners of Aspire Fitness, Brian and Rainer will be presenting on what it takes to succeed during the 21 day training program. Jennifer Asfar, owner and chef at The Healthy Palate will be presenting what her 21 day nutrition cleanse and clean eating is all about.

1 Monday, January 18th-  Last day to sign up for the challenge!  We will do your initial body fat measurements this week as well as get you acclimated to the gym. We like to use this week to get everything set up.

2. Wednesday, January 20th-   Meeting at 7pm at Aspire Fitness for those that signed up for the 21 Day Healthy Palate Nutrition Cleanse.  This night you’ll receive your packets with recipes and nutrition plan.

3. Monday, Jan 25th-  Official start of the 21 days. By now you’ll have had a session with one of our coaches getting you acclimated to the gym as well as some of the exercises. You’ll have had you initial body composition test done and had time to do the food shopping from the list you’ve been given as well.

4. Saturday, Feb 13th-  Last day to do your final weigh in and end of the program!



21 Day Training and Entry –   Nonmember- $97     Members-  $47 (Free if you sign up a friend!)

21 Day Healthy Palate Cleanse-  $75

Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female participant! 


Register for the free meeting on January 13th now!



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Don’t be “that guy” this Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is finally here !  It should be a day spent with family and friends, enjoying great food, and enjoying the same old stories that can still make you laugh no matter how many times you’ve heard them.  I love fitness, and I am thankful for every single person in my life that allows me to do it everyday as my “job.”  However there are just some days that are meant to be enjoyed.  So here’s a list of things to NOT do tomorrow to avoid being “that guy”

1.  Your grandma doesn’t care if you are “paleo”.

So please… spare her the explanation that caveman didn’t have stuffing and for that reason you won’t be having any.  Whomever made it probably took a lot of pride in making it so have a piece, tell them how much you loved it and let them enjoy that they’ve made you happy. And let’s face it, it’s delicious.



2.  Don’t post on social media about how your Thanksgiving workout makes you better than those who chose to stay home. #NoDaysOff  

 Every year I see Instagram pics or Facebook posts about how  “you’re gettin’ fat and I’m gettin trim” or… “Turkey Day or not, no excuses..”   I’m all for getting a workout a Thanksgiving workout in. We host one ourselves at Aspire Fitness.  But the reason we do it is to show thanks to the community we are a part of and to have a fun time with family and friends. Perhaps burn off some extra calories before the “feast”.

3.  Enough with the “healthy desserts” 

 If you have a food allergy and need to make a gluten free dessert than go for it. But other than that, there is absolutely no reason to try to make a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, grain free, apple free,  Apple Pie!  There are 364 other days during the year where we can try to adhere to sound nutrition guidelines and clean up a dessert but Thanksgiving?!?! That’s the day you want to try and clean it up?  Sit back and enjoy a piece of your favorite dessert with family and friends. Be thankful you have your health to enjoy it and get back to the plan Friday morning.

And finally… something that has nothing to do with fitness…

4.  Put the cellphone away for the day… 

I’m plugged in more than anyone I know.  I’m always posting on Instagram/ Facebook etc but for one day try to be that engaged in those around you.  Posting, updating, sharing all that stuff is great and has a great ROI. But Gary Vaynerchuk said it best… “What’s the ROI on your mom?”  Spend the day “liking” and “sharing” stories with you friends and family, not on Facebook.


We hope you all enjoyed this lighthearted post.  If you enjoyed in and think a friend or family member might too, feel free to share it… just not at the dinner table!

Rainer and I are both sincerely thankful for you all allowing us to carry out our passion for fitness everyday. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families!


The BEST way to stay in shape when traveling…

One of the most common questions we get from our members is what to do while they are traveling, either on vacation or a busy work travel schedule.  We chose a question from Tyler Kimble who asks…

A busy work schedule leaves me little time for workouts and my nutrtition poor, what tips do you have for keeping a routine while on the road.”

When you are faced with limited time and limited equipment one of the single best things you can do to still get a great workout are complexes.  A complex is a series of exercises performed with one piece of equipment, with no rest and without putting the equipment down.  Assuming you are doing these workouts at a hotel your best choice would be to do a dumbbell complex.  The benefit here is that you don’t need a heavy pair of dumbbells to get the job done and most hotels will have at least up to 3olbs.

Here’s a great complex that hits all of the components of a great workout.  In each training session we’d hope hit each of our major movement patterns.   Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Single Leg and Core. 

The complex we chose to demonstrate hits all of these in 3 simple movements.  Perform each of these exercises with for anywhere from 6-12 each exercise depending on the dumbbells you have available.  If possible time how long it takes you to complete the first round and then set your rest period to match it. Shoot for 4-7 rounds depending on time.  Check out the video below and as always if you have any questions be sure to let us know on the Facebook post!

DB Complex. 

DB Ski Swings → DB Squat to Press → Alternating Reverse Lunges → Renegade Rows




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